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AntiX 2.0

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7' 7" - 8' 5"
25" - 28"
13.25" - 14.375"
Cockpit Size:
34" x 19" - 36" x 22"
58 gal - 76 gal
Optimal Paddler Weight:
95 lbs - 230 lbs
Total Weight:
34 lbs - 42 lbs

AntiX 2.0 Accessories and Parts

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If you were heading to a new river, with no beta on what to expect and you were given the choice of only one boat to take; you would take the Antix 2.0. After three years paddling the original Antix we were all reminded of how much FUN whitewater is! With the masterful reshaping of a full planing hull, we have made the Antix substantially faster, made it surf like no other, stay on the surface, and made it squirt with less effort than ever. It runs rivers well, it runs creeks well and it’s the best for play in its class, bar none! It’s the one boat that rules them all for all day fun on the water.

The Antix brings play, river running and creeking together into a one-boat-fits-all package. We’ve taken the best selling kayak in its class and added more speed, comfort, ease and play to give you the Antix 2.0.

“The new Antix takes what I loved with the first edition, but improved on all the bases I could have asked for. From easier squirting to higher speed, better surfing and more confidence downriver, it's the boat that’s gonna allow me to unlock the full potential of every run.” ~ Dane Jackson

*2021 colors shown

AntiX 2.0 Size Chart

Warranty Information

This warranty applies to all Jackson Adventure products (kayaks, boats, coolers and kennels) and covers substantial defects in materials and workmanship in the hull and outfitting components sold new or as "demos". The warranty policy is subject to the exceptions lists. Review the full warranty list and details by clicking here.

4 Reviews

  • Antix 2.0

    Posted by Mary Mills on Sep 14th 2020

    I bought large Antix 2.0 after demoing one on the Ocoee that Dane and Nick had. Dane suggested a large, not a medium since I wanted some stability, but still a very playful boat that I could stern squirt.. I have been paddling primarily a creek boat for the last few years. I preordered one and had the first one sold at NOC. I can't say enough good things about this boat. I had a large original Antix and sold it last year. The knee placement bothered me. So what is the difference, I like the wider, higher knee placement. It makes it easier for me to have that aggressive type posture and ease of rolling that I prefer. It is stable, when I need it to be and very easy to stern squirt it when I want it to be. I do need fairly good technique, but it shoots right up on most eddy lines. . First boat I could get up on stern and keep it there to spin all the way around. It also just sits on waves and surfs effortlessly. It is so easy to paddle, I never stopped smiling the whole way down the Ocoee. I am the type who takes awhile to warm up to a new boat . not this one. It is the easiest boat I have every just jumped in and figured out . If you are looking for a fast boat, that is stable enough to run rivers without falling over constantly, yet still play with the best of them and this is that boat. Fun is the best word to describe the Antix 2.0 (

  • Excellent Boat!

    Posted by Ben Edson on Sep 13th 2020

    I just got back from spentding 15 days in the new Antix 2.0 paddling the Grand Canyon. I am super impessed with this boat. My go to boat for the Canyon has been the Party Braap but I was given the oppurtunitty to try the new Antix and I am so glad I did. This boat is incedibly stable in big water while also being super easy to pivot and change course mid rapid. It has the hull speed to catch almost any wave and once on the wave it spins like no other boat in its class. I am about 165lb/5'9" and the medium was ideal. Easy to stern squirt but I never felt like the stern was being "grabbed" in rapids. Not a whole lot of oppurtunitty to boof on the Canyon but just the look of the bow makes me think this would make a great cross over boat for easier low volume creeks as well. I switched out to let some other folks try it out through out the trip and the outfitting made that real easy...I highly reccomend!

  • My Favorite

    Posted by James on Jun 24th 2020

    The Antix is hands down my favorite kayak ever made. I can run any river I want - Ocoee, Ottawa, Kannaskis and do it all. I can surf with my teenagers, boof anything, and sight see with my wife. For me, It’s a do it all kind of boat - light to carry, fun on the water, and comfortable!

  • Best All-Around Whitewater Kayak

    Posted by Kyle Thomas on Jun 24th 2020

    I love this kayak and it just might be my favorite kayak design of all-time. This is my go-to kayak for 80% of my river trips. Play runs, yep. Creeking runs, yep. High volume, yep. Low volume, yep. I am 6'0'' and 185 lbs and paddle the Large size. I paddle this boat more like a sporty river runner/creekboat than I do a squirty playboat, hence why I opted for the Large. I feel extremely confident in the Antix on all but the hardest rivers I paddle. There are times that I feel more confident in the Antix, than my creekboat, and that blows my mind. It's just so easy and fun to paddle.

    The Antix fits inside my SUV, so I don't even have to load it onto my roof rack. It's comfortable for long days on the water. It's lighter weight, so I don't have to haul a big ol' creekboat everywhere. It surfs on river waves like a dream. Honestly, I consider this the best river surfing boat I own, and I do own a Rockstar. It just locks onto a wave, feels super stable, and you can carve back and forth until you're tired.

    On harder rivers, it does a great job. I'm easily able to keep the bow up and over holes. The stern does a beautiful job of keeping me from unpleasant surf situations. I have found other boats in the half-slice category left me with unexpected stern squirts in big rapids, of which the Antix has not done this to me. I am able to punch through or over a hole without having to worry. And boofing is no problem in the boat. You can air it out with the best of them.

    I appreciate the safety features included in the Antix. It has a step-out pillar in case of any pinning situations. It has a robust bulkhead in case of any piton situations. It also has plenty of room in the stern to pack a pin kit and a full breakdown paddle.

    Thing to note, if you don't feel snug enough in the Antix, just add another seat pad. That did the trick for me. If you're looking to have a bit more fun on the river, surf more waves, and improve your confidence on the river, the Antix is a good option for you. You might see your other kayaks start collecting dust, as the Antix may become your go-to boat as well.

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